What is Terraform?


Install Terraform

cd \The new added PATH
terraform init

Install Azure Terraform Visual Studio Code extension

Azure subscription

az account list

Deploy Azure infrastructure with Terraform

  • Resource Group
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Database
//Configure Azure Provider
provider "azurerm" {
subscription_id = var.subscription_idclient_id = var.client_idclient_secret = var.client_secrettenant_id = var.tenant_id}//Declare all the Variables that will be used in Terraform configurationsvariable "subscription_id" {description = "Enter Subscription ID for provisioning resources in Azure"}variable "client_id" {description = "Enter Client ID for Application created in Azure AD"}variable "client_secret" {description = "Enter Client secret for Application in Azure AD"}variable "tenant_id" {description = "Enter Tenant ID / Directory ID of your Azure AD. Run Get-AzureSubscription to know your Tenant ID"}variable "location" {description = "The default Azure region for the resource provisioning"}variable "resource_group_name" {description = "Resource group name that will contain various resources"}
subscription_id = "Your subscription_id"tenant_id = "Your tenant_id"client_id = "Your client_id"client_secret = "Your client_secret"location = "West Europe"     //Choose your locationresource_group_name     = "Terraform-Test"
//Resource Groupresource "azurerm_resource_group" "Terraform" {name = var.resource_group_namelocation = var.locationtags = {owner = "sazabou"}}
  1. Plan
    A good practice is to use Terraform Plan every time we want to deploy something. We can see this as a debugger that tells you what you’re going to do and check if it’s gonna work.
  2. Execute
    Terraform Execute is where you actually start deploying your resources after checking that everything is OK.
  3. Destroy
    Once you’re done, especially when you’re just trying stuff on Azure, make sure to hit Terraform Destroy to clean up your environment and delete all the resources you created. (You don’t wanna get charged for resources that you’re not really using).
terraform initterraform plan -var-file var_values.tfvars
terraform apply -var-file var_values.tfvarsyes
//SQL Server
resource "azurerm_sql_server" "sqlserver" {
name = "sqlserverterraformtest"
resource_group_name = var.resource_group_name
location = var.location
version = "12.0"
administrator_login = "Type your login"
administrator_login_password = "Type your password" //Use a complex one
//SQL Database
resource "azurerm_sql_database" "SQLDB" {
name = "SQLDB-terraform-test"
server_name = "sqlserverterraformtest"
resource_group_name = var.resource_group_name
location = var.location
edition = "Standard"
requested_service_objective_name = "S0" //Only S0 or higher supported
tags = {
environment = "Dev"
terraform destroy -var-file var_values.tfvars




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